Gut bacteria give away!

No, sadly I'm not giving away the perfect gut bacteria (if there is such a thing :)) but offering the opportunity to test yours and find out more about your  own gut microbiome! I have 2 uBiome gut microbiome kits each worth £79 to give away in Jan 2017! All you have to do to enter is subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter @health_fuel! Everyone who enters will be put into a hat and winners will be announced in the New Year. So subscribe and follow now for a chance to WIN, WIN, WIN! Read more in my ebook - Healed : A science-based approach to support your gut bacteria and clear psoriasis

Could digital health mean a future without drugs?

Is digital health the future of health? With virtual reality, brain stimulation & advance in diagnostic procedures and health tracking devices (watches and apps) could this lead to a future without drugs? In the last few years digital health has exploded, pathing the way for the future of health. You can now monitor your activity levels, sleep, food intake, heart rate and more from a watch or phone. You can trace your ancestral origins and your lineage with a personalised analysis of your DNA with 123 and Me. And also learn how your DNA might impact your health by discovering if you carrier certain inherited conditions and understand how your DNA may affect your health and response to certai

Merry Microbes 🎅🏻

5 ways to keep your microbiome merry during the festive season! 1- Eat your greens! Brussels sprout are rife at Christmas and are a great prebiotic. Try them roasted or with garlic, another potent prebiotic. 2- Fast. In between Christmas dinners remember to give your trillions of microbe mates some time off. Try fasting for 12 hours, stop eating from 7pm-7am the next day. 3- Fill up on fiber. Avoid all the sugar treats the Chrimbo by feeding your microbiome. High fiber foods will fill up you up and feed your microbe mates. 4- Eat the rainbow. There are so many amazing vegetables around during the festive season, try them all, especially enjoying lots of different coloured veg. 5- Try ferment

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