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About Me



Hi, I am Lianne Campbell MSc. I am a culinary explorer and ebook author interested in food and physical activity and the emerging research into the human microbiome.

At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with psoriasis, I was told it was genetic, autoimmune and incurable. I spent 18 years in a constant loop of short-term remission using conventional medicine until I made some life-altering changes to my diet and lifestyle. 

Based on this, I am passionate to explore what we know about psoriasis and what we don't. Looking at the rapidly developing area of human microbiome research to provide evidence-based, scientific guidance on diet and lifestyle intervention to supports gut bacteria and clear psoriasis.

Through my blog - Biome Blog - I focused my MSc in Digital Marketing on reviewing and sharing information about the power of food and physical activity, and the important role the human microbiome has on our health.


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