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Don’t know your Firmicutes from your Bacteroidetes? Never heard of microbiome modulation? You know what you put in your body is important but you maybe don’t realise just how important. Think of yourself as a gardener cultivating your blossoming gut bacteria with the compose (food) you feed it.

If you are a psoriasis patient, or brand new to the world of microbiome and skin, this course is for you. This course provides a basic outline of the gut-skin connection and the key tools to clear psoriasis based on 85 research studies. Sign up now, this is what you will get:


  • Daily emails for 14 days to support and guide you
  • Full 14-day PDF programme
  • 30-day email support
  • Access to Members Only Facebook Group
  • Access to one ebooks – Healed



Psoriasis & Gut Bacteria for Beginners

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