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Do you have a basic knowledge of the human gut microbiome and are ready to learn more? Maybe you work in dermatology or are a Functional Medicine Practitioner and are you are taking on more patients with psoriasis. If you want to know the best approach to clearing psoriasis with diet and lifestyle intervention based on research, this course is priceless.  Sign up now, this is what you will get:


  • Daily emails for 30 days to support and guide you
  • Full 30-day PDF programme
  • Access to Members Only Facebook Group
  • Access to food lists, recipes & videos
  • 30-day email support 
  • Access to a Udemy course – Support Your Gut Bacteria & Heal Psoriasis
  • Access to one eBooks – Healed & 10 Powerful Steps to Clear Psoriasis

Optimum Psoriasis & Gut Bacteria

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