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This book is short and sweet – no messing, no fluffy chat, no pretty pictures (ok, there might be one or two pretty pictures), no time wasting, because you have some serious healing to do and I don’t want you to delay it. You have waited long enough. 
You might be conditioned in to thinking that diet and lifestyle do not impact your skin, and it doesn’t matter what you do or what you eat, your psoriasis will remain, but this is simply not true. 
Over the 18 years I had psoriasis, I saw every psoriasis specialist, from doctors to dermatologists to dietitians and aromatherapists. I have tried every lotion and potion and “miracle cure” and travelled the world searching for relief from this distressing, often isolating, and all-consuming condition. My pain is your gain. 
This book is everything I know about psoriasis based on 20+ years’ experience, 25 psoriasis diet books and over 85 research papers into psoriasis and the emerging field of the human microbiome. All for the price of a coffee. Enjoy.

Ebook 10 Powerful Steps to Clear Psoriasis

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