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Merry Microbes 🎅🏻

5 ways to keep your microbiome merry during the festive season! 

1- Eat your greens! Brussels sprout are rife at Christmas and are a great prebiotic. Try them roasted or with garlic, another potent prebiotic.

2- Fast. In between Christmas dinners remember to give your trillions of microbe mates some time off. Try fasting for 12 hours, stop eating from 7pm-7am the next day.

3- Fill up on fiber. Avoid all the sugar treats the Chrimbo by feeding your microbiome. High fiber foods will fill up you up and feed your microbe mates.

4- Eat the rainbow. There are so many amazing vegetables around during the festive season, try them all, especially enjoying lots of different coloured veg.

5- Try fermenting. What a great time of year to try fermented veg packed with probiotics. Easy to make and can be enjoyed with Christmas dinner. Yum! 

Read more in my ebook - 

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