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Could digital health mean a future without drugs?

Is digital health the future of health? With virtual reality, brain stimulation & advance in diagnostic procedures and health tracking devices (watches and apps) could this lead to a future without drugs? 

In the last few years digital health has exploded, pathing the way for the future of health.

You can now monitor your activity levels, sleep, food intake, heart rate and more from a watch or phone. You can trace your ancestral origins and your lineage with a personalised analysis of your DNA with 123 and Me. And also learn how your DNA might impact your health by discovering if you carrier certain inherited conditions and understand how your DNA may affect your health and response to certain medications.

You can do tests to discovered which foods you are intolerance to with York Test and see which foods work best with for your DNA with DNAFit.

You can also now sequence your microbiome (gut bacteria) with uBiome all thanks to digital advances! 

What about a digital doctor? One that could diagnose ailments with a  algorithm. You would simply input all your symptoms into a database and the digital doctor would produce a 100% accurate diagnosis. 

With all these advances would we still need damaging and dangerous drugs? Or would the focus be on diagnosis/prevention and curing certain conditions rather than masking them?

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