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Every day I read or hear another story about how changes in diet have resulted in dramatic changes to someone's health. I particularly love this video from Dr Terry Wahls, a medical physician from America who controlled and reversed her multiple sclerosis with diet after seven years of deterioration on the best conventional treatments available. She went from being wheelchair bound to cycling, horse riding  and living life to the fullest after changing her diet.

Terry is a real inspiration and one of the best things about her is her experience with conventional treatments; she studied medicine and became and physician, and then experiencing conventional medicine as a patient for years before resorting to diet therapy. She now shares her story and The Wahls Protocol (a radical new way to treat all chronic autoimmune conditions using Paleo principles) worldwide. Terry Wahls website

Terry is one of many people who have taken control of their health through changes in diet. Here are a few other people who have inspired me:

Jason Vale

Jason Vale from the Super Juice Me! film was a smoker, drinker and junk food addict with chronic allergies and skin complaints who transformed his health through diet and lifestyle changes -

Hanna Sillitoe

Hanna Sillitoe of My Goodness Recipe (who I will be interviewing  for a blog in a few weeks) healed her chronic, autoimmune, skin condition psoriasis from which she suffered for 20 years of her life

Joe the Juicer

Joe the Juicer from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead transformed his life and health through juicing and diet changes - 

Katrina Mathers

Katrina Mathers began to appreciate the body’s staggering ability to heal given the right conditions.  She is passionate about the fact that even the tiniest of changes to the way we treat the body and the ways we think, can make dramatic differences to the way we feel. Katrina now runs health retreats in Scotland -

Kezia Hall

Kezia Hall, from Supernaturally Healthy (who I will also be interviewing) transformed her life and health after years of being ‘SAD, SICK and stuck on the LOO.’

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